Multimedia web-presentations

Investment areas, software implementation, product or technology debut, individual or collective training? At each of these stages, you can give a traditional presentation or bet on us and create an amazing, interactive web-experience.

For whom?

First of all, for owners of land for investments that should be strongly promoted. Also for companies that introduce a new product to the market and need a strong visualization base.

Multimedia presentations are also training materials for employees, visualization models of software implemented in offices and ministries.

Each type of presentation has tools adapted to the message and type of recipient.

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Multi-level visualization?

Regardless of what type of object you need to present and what is the purpose of the presentation, you will definitely gain a lot by preparing a platform that will affect your senses on a multi-level basis.

Pictograms, extensive visualizations, aerial photos (drones), interactive visual elements, virtual walks, maps and diagrams – these are just a few of the countless tools with which we show the value of the presented object.

How do we know how to build
the perfect presentation model?

We started creating multimedia presentations in 2005, even before the era of drones, fast internet and amazing effects achieved with a light and unified code. Over the years, we have created dozens of presentations that we developed along with technological progress.

Today we offer a technological hybrid of what high-speed internet offers, with the ability to code very complex visual effects. We dress all of this in a perfect graphic design, countless visual options, videos, spatial effects obtained from drones, 3D photo-visualizations developed by architects. Over the years, we’ve learned to build presentations that make a great impression.

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We are a response to the need to create a well-thought-out, elegant design, specific functionality and a set of tools that are to earn for each other while optimizing costs. Work with a leading interactive agency!

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